May 1, 2014: Claude and Rita

On May 1, 1943 Claude Kepper and Rita Kerkman were married.  He was 26 and she 21.  They look very happy in their wedding pictures.  Looking at the pictures you would not know that he was about to enlist in the Navy.  That she would follow him while he was sent to numerous schools by the Navy for training in Radar.  That they ended up at the Norfolk Navy Base.  That their first child would be born at the base hospital in 1945.  That after the war they would return to Wisconsin .  That they would have more babies: girls!!!! Like 7 of them and then a brother  – Joe.  That eventually they would begin to travel again:  camping for years with a huge tent that 10 could fit into.  They got a pop-up camper and then a small motor camper.  Claude discover snowmobiles and Rita rode along.  They had a lot of fun together.   They built a wonderful family.  My sisters are all strong, smart, funny women.  My bother is a kind patient man.  All of them are great parents.  Our mortal lives are not very long.  I sit here at 69 and really wish I could talk to them…..then I close my eyes and hear them.  And Dad will say “Just don’t take any wooden nickles!!!”  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD!!!!!


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April 14, 2014: Be Calm. Relax.

Well, I had a very busy weekend.

Saturday, I went to my support group meeting.  We had a speaker who attempted to help us learn how to RELAX!  STAY CALM!  I think he should have passed out more handouts as I did not take notes.  I saw papers behind him and really thought those papers covered what he was saying.  Unfortunately, he only gave us one page about the last stuff  he covered. We did have a good turnout……and 2 new members!!!!

Then after that meeting I had to rush back to my condo for a Board Meeting to discuss some problems and decided what to do.  After that meeting I drove around the corner and had a very late lunch-early dinner at the Glen Cafe!  Got back home and just CRASHED.  I was tired.

Sunday, Palm Sunday and I got to church almost on time.  Then to Alexian to feed Vern lunch and tell him all about Saturday.  He ate pretty well.  Stayed awake for a while watching some of the baseball game. Left Vern after 2 and headed back to the Condo to pick up my across the hall neighbor, Marie  We went and had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory in Bayshore!!!  I did not over eat and did not get any cheesecake!  Maria got a piece to go!!!

Today, I was really late getting to Alexian… was 12:20 when I walked into the dining room.  Vern had a cranberry juice and water.  Got his soup as I sat down.  He ate half of it and then started his coughing-gaging-choking thing he does.  When he recovered, I stopped the soup and fed him the main course (a pureed chicken pasta) and a light green vegetable and mashed potatoes with gravy.  He ate most of the chicken, half of the green stuff and a few bites of the potatoes.  ATE ALL OF THE ICE CREAM!  We stayed in the dining room with Kathleen until her aid could move her to her room…….so we were the last ones out!!!! (1:20 pm) Back in his room I washed his face and then we listened to a baseball game.  Vern was really tired.  I left Alexian around 2:15……his aids were putting him in bed for a nap.

I walk out to the car and almost screamed:  IT WAS SNOWING, SNOWING, SNOWING!  I had a squirrel on the patio this morning.  It should be Spring!!!  I must relax and be calm.









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April 11, 2014: Productive Day

First, let me tell everyone that I have noticed that my title for April 4 has a spelling error! I wanted Geezer and I left out the z!  Spell check does not check  title spelling!!!!

Second, my new motto will be:  Do everything RIGHT AWAY!  I have noticed that procrastination causes most (if not all) of my problems!

  1. Delay in doing paperwork leads to a real mess.
  2. One delay in paperwork can lead to other delays.
  3. Delays can and will cause anger issues to arise.
  4. Delays will cost money.

Example of points 1 – 4 would be today’s activity.  I had to go to H & R Block and file for an extension on our taxes.  I had to do that because in 2012 I procrastinated in getting a financial Power of Attorney  for the Geezer.  In fact I waited so long I thought I had gotten it!!!!  I finally talked with our very misused Attorney and found out that I never followed through on the plan.  So she will come out to Alexian next week Wed. at 1 and see the Geezer and do the power of Attorney for me.  Then I can give a copy of this power to H & R Block and the taxes can  be filed.  All of that must be done in case the Geezer needs to be recertified by The Department of Aging for Medicaid benefits!!!!  The Attorney visit with Vern will cost money as will the filing of the Taxes …….. we don’t owe any money in  taxes  ……. we will owe money to H & R Block!

Another topic:  for the past few days Vern has been very alert at lunch time.  Today he was just plain tired out!!!  It was hard to keep him awake during lunch and once back in his room he fell fast asleep.  Nurse Chris managed to wake him for his medication and BAM  back to sleep he went!!!!  I really wonder what he was doing last night!!!!!  I sure hope he is having really exciting and happy dreams.

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April 10, 2014: Took a few days off from the blog

This time it was only a week!!!

Okay, I have been writing for 20 minutes and I was getting quite creative and I LOST everything.  I looked up and all of my crazy thoughts were gone.  This I have taken as a sign to not blog any more tonight.

One thing: Celebrated my granddaughter’s 24th birthday last night.  Kevin and Kris picked up food from India.  A very new experience for me…..outside of my comfort zone. I did try most of the dishes and I will say it was interesting!

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April 4, 2014: Birthday and Geeer visits

So I spent time over at Kevin’s home last night celebrating Sabine’s 15th birthday!  Sabine is in the process of becoming a beautiful young woman.  I like being a Grandmother.  It is fun watching my kids raise their children.  I really like some of the “Peterka” birthday songs that have been passed on to the next generation!!!!  Yea! for tradition.  Now I get to look forward to Rory, Tessa and Juliet’s birthdays all coming in the next 7 weeks!!!!

Geezer news:  Vern has been very alert at lunch for the past few days.  He has been eating everything and smiling at stuff I say.  Today, I brought him in a piece of cheesecake and he really liked it!!  Watched some of the Brewers-Boston Redsocks game in his room. He was paying attention!!   I need to get to bed ……so logging off!


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